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  • A large shim assortment for every need
  • A Solid Leveling Plan

    Incorporating Grove Products Structural Shims...a solid leveling plan.

  • Construction Site

    Grove Products,Inc. has the perfect shim for every job every time.

  • Color Coded Shims

    Our color-coded shims save you time and money.

  • Grove Structural Shims are Economical

    Grove Structural Shims are Solid, Economical, and Time-Saving.

  • Hi Rise Building Concrete

    Use Grove Structural Shims to align precast panels vertically and horizontally and to maintain joint spacing before final attachment.

Your Solid Shim Source™

Grove Products is the leading producer of plastic structural shims. Proudly made in the USA since 1962, our family-owned business provides prompt, personalized attention to each order. In addition to our large line of in-stock shims, we will custom fabricate parts to meet your unique requirements. Unlike many competitors, our shims are solid and do not have hollow voids, so you can depend on them in crucial, load-bearing conditions. We make every shim we sell.

U-Shaped Shims

Typically withstanding ten tons of compressed force, lightweight "U" shaped Grove Structural Shims are designed to fit around bolts and anchors. They are often used for aligning windows and curtain walls, for example.


Grove 3"x3" 1/2" Keyslot Shims are shaped to snap into place around a 7/16" bolt.  They have a restricted slot to keep them from sliding off a bolt or anchor when hung vertically. Offered in three color-coded thicknesses.


Grove 3”x4” Horseshoe Shims are shaped to fit around a bolt or anchor. They are frequently used during installation of storefronts, for example, in applications where the shim is placed vertically.  Offered in eight color-coded thicknesses.

Custom Shims

We can make custom shims to your requirements. To fabricate custom shims, we need only a simple drawing showing shapes and precise dimensions, your performance specifications, and quantity.


Grove Stackable Shims are made in very fine thicknesses to allow small, precise increments of leveling or aligning.   Multiple shims can be stacked to achieve shimming tolerances down to 1/32”.


Grove Tapered Wedge Shims are easy to use for leveling and aligning dead loads.  Designed for easy insertion where installation is required, especially where the object being shimmed is installed first and then shimmed.


Grove Flat Plate shims are used where heavy loads are set on top of the shim, often permanently.  Applications include tilt-up construction, precast concrete elements, masonry blocks, and heavy machinery.


Grove Modular Shims are easy to use for leveling and aligning dead loads. Designed so that smaller shims can be broken out of them.

Rugged Construction

  Grove Micro-Gridded Flat-Plate Shims are now available with precisely textured surfaces that mate for stacking with increased slip-resistance.


Any shape and size of Grove shims can be special ordered in fire-safe, self-extinguishing materials. They are available in both polypropylene and ABS materials. Please click to read specifications.

The Leading Producer of Plastic Structural Shims

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