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All a shim does is take up space. But without that space, you would have a hard time leveling or aligning your work, or positioning objects until permanent support can be installed. Shims are used in a variety of industries. We make a range of shims designed to meet those needs with different shapes and load-bearing properties.

Precast And Tilt Up

app precast

PreCast: Use shims to align precast panels vertically and horizontally, and maintain joint spacings before final attachment.

Tilt Up: Shims are used to level and align panels in preparation for final attachment. Grove’s Flat Plate shims are set on top of a foundation wall to cushion the edge of precast panels as they are tilted up to the vertical position, and to level and support panels prior to grouting.  Shims designed to fit around bolts are also used in aligning other connections.

Flat Plate *  Horseshoe *  U-Shaped *  Keyslot



app glass

Shim to align frames in three dimensions for proper spacing and optical flatness. Flat plate shims may be used temporarily to cushion edges of glass on hard surfaces and protect from damage.

Flat Plate *  Horseshoe *  U-Shaped *  Keyslot *  Wedge *  Stackable


Windows and Doors

app windows doors

Doors and Frames: Align frames while fastening in place.

Entrance, Storefront, and Curtain Wall Systems: Align members or panels, vertically and horizontally; separating glass panels, permanently or temporarily.

Blast-Resistant Doors and Windows: Extra resilience may be required for permanent shims.

Skylights and Sloped Glazing Systems: Alignment.

Louver Systems: Alignment.



app masonry

Stone Masonry: Shims can be used to establish both temporary and permanent joint spacing.

Stone Panel Cladding: Shim panels to align both vertically and horizontally. Shims are also used to relieve stress while mortar sets.

Terra Cotta: Brittle materials can be temporarily cushioned with shims to prevent damage before being fixed or sealed into place.

Flat Plate *  Wedge *  Stackable



app restoration

Restoration projects, both commercial and residential, often require shims to restore level and structural soundness to a variety of different aspects of the building.  Grove Shims are particularly useful for re-leveling floors, foundations, and concrete bearing surfaces.

Custom shims are often the answer to restoration problems in older buildings where construction methods may be  non-standard, and the sizes of materials used are now obsolete.  Please contact us with your problems for affordable custom solutions.

Custom * Flat PlateWedge *  Stackable



app industrial

For temporary or permanent installation of heavy equipment and machinery, shims are used for leveling, and for aligning multiple units to each other or to other systems.

Flat PlateU-Shaped *  Wedge *  Stackable


For more information about shim applications, see the article published in The Construction Specifier.

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